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FAQ - hufig gestellte Fragen

Here you can find many answers for most of the questions that we receive every day.
Please read them carefully before you contact the Clanintern support.
Thank you!

We don't want your service anymore. What to do?
That's Simple. You can unsubscribe your clan using our support system. You can find this system in the left intern navigation bar. All we need is your request plus:
  • Clanname
  • Clanleader (Name)
  • Pass des Clanleaders (also dein Passwort)
Bye! :(
I've got a problem with one of our members or/and with our admin(s). Help!
  • This is outside our province.
  • Clanintern NEVER will delete any members of your clan. Your clan admin is responsible for this. Please no such requests.
  • Be aware: ONE admin never is enough.
  • I repeat: We DON'T delete admins!
  • If you are not member of the clan that is in trouble: shut up! ;)
  • If there is any request please send:
    • clan's name + clan's ID
    • nickname + ID + Pass
    • nickname + ID of the member you've got a problem
Somebody is spamming our extern boards. Help!
Please try to solve the problem, at first. If you really need our help, please use our support system and describe what he is doing and why you want him to stop. Thanks!
I would like to use the chat on our clan page.
You can find all options + a description in the admin area. Have fun! :) If you need further help, please use our support system.
How to add members to my clan?
Check out your intern area. Go to the "admin area". (can find it in the left navigation bar) You will find an option for adding new members, there. Good luck! ;)
Someone has overtaken our intern area. Help!
Please user our support system. Thank you.

Please be aware of your password, don't use a password like the name of your mother or of any of friends. Don't ever tell anyone your password.
How to link our extern board on our clan page?
Please use the following URL: "". Replace "ID" with your clan ID. If you don't know your clan ID, please use the klick "external area" in the left navigation bar. You can find an option called "extern scripts", there.
Help! I forgot my password!
First: cool down :)

Please use the "send password" option on the login page. We will send it to your entered mail adress.

Another option ist to ask your admin to make a new account for you.

We will not answer any "forgot my password" mails or support requests for users with a new mail adress or somethsadfing. Thx.
How to change the name and clanshort of my clan?
Clanname und Clanshort kannst Du selbst im Adminbereich ndern. Folgende Schritte einfach beachten:
  • 1. Log in ;)
  • 2. "admin area"
  • 3. "edit global clan info"
  • 4. Enter new name etc.
  • 6. Press "Edit"
  • 7. Wait for our "OK" ...
  • 8. Done ;)
Found some Bugs. What to do?
Please mail and describe the bug you have found. Or visit our Clanintern Boards. Thanks! :)
Why is your English so bad?
We are trying our best. English is not our mother language, so please help us to correct any errors you find. Just mail them to Thank you!
I would like to link our clanintern area on my page.
That's easy! The URL is: "". Just replace "ID" at the end of the URL with your clan ID.
I want to switch to another clan. What happens to my posting points?
You can keep them. Just transfer them to your new account by using the transfer option in "settings".